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further Contributions V ^ JUN 8 19 ' 


Pgmnoirg of tire Cljttrrjj; 

J. S. B. HODGES, S. T. D., 





Copyright, 1891, 


J. S. B. Hodges, S. T. D. 

Stanbopc prcsa 



The following tunes were written, not for a collection, but from time to time, during 
the past thirty-five years, as occasion seemed to arise. Thirty years ago the Church 
Hymnal was a very different thing from that now in use. It consisted of some one 1 un- 
dred and twenty-four •• Selections" (from Tate and Brady,) or as Selection Ninety-seven 
was cut up into twenty-two parts, the number was virtually one hundred and forty-rive; 
and two hundred and twelve Hymns; in all three hundred and fifty-seven hymns. The 
great bulk of these were either Common, Long, or Short Metre hymns; and the greater 
number of tunes in use had necessarily to be confined to these Metres. They may be 
considered as the old church Metres. As an index of what tunes were then in use in the 
Church, the "Tune Book" put out in 1859 by a Committee appointed by the House of 
Bishops, contained one hundred and sixty-nine Tunes all told, of which fifty-one were 
C. M. ; forty. L. M. ; nineteen, S. M. ; and twenty were Ts, or 8, 7s, leaving thirty-nine 
tunes only for all other Metres. 

Since I860 the character of the hymns authorized and used in the Church has greatly 
changed. Devout servants of God have been moved to write hymns and spiritual songs, 
by no means confining themselves to these old metres; hymns which have won a place 
amongst those in use throughout the Church wherever the English tongue is known. 
These hymns came not altogether, but one by one, as gifted men were moved. As they 
came, and were found to be useful in the public worship of the church, appropriate music 
was required, and so there has grown up within the past quarter of a century a number of 
hymn tune writers who have done what they felt moved to do to supply this want; Dykes and 
Smart and Hopkins and Stainer and Barn by and others. To-day the best known, and the 
most generally sung, and the all but universally favorite hymns in use in our Church, are 
the new hymns, set to the new music. 

It may seem presumptuous to call attention to such names in connection with the 
offering to the Church of the tunes contained in this little book. The only point intended 
to be made is this, that as these hymns from time to time came under the notice of the 
present writer, and not always accompanied with music suitable in itself, or suited to the 
capacity of the choirs under his care, he has been moved to do what he could in the way of 
translating devout words into devout music; and these hymn tunes are now offered 
to the Church for such use as they may be fitted for. As with the words of hymns, so 
with the music, natural selection determines much. The fittest are those that survive, 
and this little collection is only " a further contribution to the hymnody of the church, " 
thrown out in the hope that possibly one here and one there of the tunes may be found 


worthy of survival, and be an aid in the devotions of the congregation. They are by no 
means all of them new, some having been written many years ago, and having found 
their way into print, and into use in some few churches. The greater part, however, appear 
for the first time in print. 

A word in regard to the manner of singing hymn tunes, thrown out also, for what it is 
worth, to Choir masters and Organists. There is one point which those having charge of our 
choirs do not seem always to understand, or else fail to carry out. Apart from the different 
Time in which hymns should be sung, and the kind of spirit to be thrown into them, our 
hymns ( and tunes ) would seem naturally to divide themselves into two general classes. The 
one is that of the old Chorale; e. (/.. Old Hundred, Luther" a Hymn, St. Ann's, Tallis' Canon, 
etc. In these hymns, as a general rule, each line of the words is a distinct phrase, ending 
on an accented syllable, and not running on quickly into the following line, and each line 
of the music is even more distinctly a separate phrase, complete in itself both in harmony 
and in rhythm. Consequently all such tunes may, and should, be sung so as to bring out this 
feature. Each line should be brought out emphatically, with a solemn dignity and fulness; 
and a pause made upon the last note, not after it, but by a full sustaining of the note to 
about double its natural time. To dwell longer than this is unnecessary, and would soon 
become tedious, and mar the proper effect. Now it is not difficult to know what hymns 
fall into this class and require this treatment. Most C. M., L. M. and S. M. hymns are 
such; and generally * such as end each line with an accented syllable. 

The other class consists of hymns of the more modern school, in which the rhythm 
seems to flow on naturally from one line to another, generally in pairs; so that a pause, 
or dwelling upon a final note would be out of place except at the end of each second line. 
Asa type of this class take" The Church's One Foundation," or "Jerusalem the Golden." It 
will be seen at once that both words and music seem to call for a steady movement until 
the close of the second line is reached. But at the end of these second lines you will find 
the music has a long-note, generally a dotted semibreve equal to three of the ordinary 
notes of the line; and this is long enough, and should not be exceeded, as too often is done; 
the tendency in choir organists being to shorten short notes, and lengthen long notes. 

It is suggested, therefore, that as a general rule, in Hymns of the Choi ale class each 
line should be closed with a (not too great) prolonging and swelling out of the last note: 
while Hymns not belonging to this class should be sung through in fairly strict time; not 
rigidly exact, and without expression; but without unnecessary breaking of the rhythm. 

In the hope that some things in this book may prove useful and edifying in the mu- 
sical worship of the Church, it is sent forth to struggle for the existence of its fittest 

Baltimore, Md., Lent 1891. J. S. B. HODGES. 

•nerally," because there will be exceptions; as for example in the verse 
" Tht* Lord shall come, and He will not 
Keep silence, but speak out. " 
But the rule will generally hold good. 

mo. i 

gome, mi) £<mf, %§on must Be Rafting 

Hymn No. 3. 

8,4,7, 8,4,7. 

s i r l -^-^-w ±3z: g--f-r4i 


i i 




Y*JJ | J-JJ J lJJ J i l j J I i l J jJ 1 1 i l S B 


ii r tii, 




4— P-J-U— i— 

I I 






1 Come, my soul, thou must be waking, 
Now is breaking 

O'er the earth another day: 
Come to Him Who made this splendour, 
See thou reuder 

All thy feeble strength can pay. 

2 Pray that He may prosper ever 
Each endeavour, 

When thine aim is good and true; 
But that He may ever thwart thee, 
And convert thee, 

When thou evil wouldst pursue. 

3 Think that He thy ways beholdeth, 
He unfoldeth 

Every fault that lurks within; 


He the hidden shame glossed over 
Can discover, 

And discern each deed of sin. 

Ma jest thou on life's last morrow, 
Free from sorrow, 

Pass away in slumber sweet; 
And, released from death's dark sadness, 
Rise in gladness, 

That far brighter Sun to greet. 

Only God's free gifts abuse not, 
Light refuse not, 

But His Spirit's voice obey; 
Thou with Him shalt dwell, beholding 
Light unfolding 

All things in unclouded day. A men. 

%o. 2. g) iXiriflGtncss of ffje jinmorfaf Mbtt's <3&act 

Hymn No. 6. 


10, 6, 10, 6. 


i i i 


i J 


-■-r-^-r-ii - t r zU -s- e3 - H 

y-arg-»-r^== zpstr=r=2 



1 Brightness of the Immortal Father's face, 

Most holy, heavenly, blest, 
Lord Jesus Christ, in Whom His truth and grace 
Are visibly expressed; 

2 The sun is sinking now, and one by one 

The lamps of evening shine: 
We hymn the Eterunl Father, and the Son, 
And Holy Ghost divine. 

3 Worthy art Thou at all times to receive 

Our hallowed praises, Lord: 
O Son of God, be Thou, in Whom we live, 
Through all the world adored. Amen. 


Tio. 3. £f)e pap is (knffy grafting to a (£fose. 

Hymn No. 7. 

Six 10s. 

1 The day is gently sinking to a close, 
Fainter and yet more faint the sunlight 

glows : 
Brightness of Thy Father's glory. Thou 
Eternal Light of light, be with ns now: 
Where Thou art present darkness cannot be: 

3 Thou, Who in darkness walking didst 

Upon the waves, and Thy disciples cheer. 
Come, Lord, in lonesome days, w hen storms 

And earthly hopes and human succours fail: 

Midnight is glorious noon, Lord, with When all is dark may we behold Thee nigh. 

Thee. And hear Thy voice — "Fear not, for it is I.'' 
2 Our changeful lives are ebbing to an end, 

Onward to darkness and to death we tend: 4 The weary world is mouldering to decay, 

Conqueror of the grave, be Thou our Its glories wane, its pageants fade away: 

guide, In that last sunset, when the stars shall fall, 

Be Thou our light in death's dark eventide: May we arise awaken'd by Thy call. 

Then in our mortal hour will be no gloom, With Thee, Lord, for ever to abide 

No sting in death, no terror in the tomb. In that blest day which has no eventide. 

(7) Amen*. 

Tie 4. 

%ffe f?un is ^infung Just. 

Hymn No. 10. 


0, 4, 6, 6. 





-g-1 ' 




1 The sun is sinking fast, 

The daylight dies; 
Let love awake, and pay 
Her evening sacrifice. 

2 As Christ upon the cross 

I lis Head inclined, 
And to His Father's hands 
His parting soul resigned; 

3 So now herself my soul 

Would wholly give 
Into His sacred charge, 
In Whom all spirits live; 

4 So now beneath His eye 

Would calmly rest, 
Without a wish or thought 
Abiding in the breast ; 

5 Save that His will be done, 

Whate'er betide; 
Dead to herself, and dead 
. In Him to all beside. 

6 Thus would I live: yet now 

Not I, but He 
In all His power and love 
Henceforth alive in me. 

7 One Sacred Trinity, 
One Lord Divine, 
May I be ever 1 1 is, 
And He forever mine. 



%o. 5. Jibibe xoitf) 'g&e, fast faffs fife Jtoetifik 

Hymn No. 12. 


r u i r. * ' 

i * . i 

1 Abide with me: fast falls the eventide; 

The darkness deepens; Lord, with me abide: 
When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, 
Help of the helpless, O abide with me. 

2 Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day; 
Earth's joys grow dim, its glories pass away. 
Change and decay in all around I see; 

Thou who changest not, abide with me. 

3 I need Thy presence every passing hour; 

What but Thy grace can foil the tempter's power? 
Who, like Thyself, my guide and stay can be? 
Through cloud and sunshine, Lord, abide with me. 

4 I fear no foe, with Thee at hand to bless: 
Ills have no weight, and tears no bitterness. 
Where is death's sting? where, grave, thy victory? 

1 triumph still, if Thou abide with me. 

5 Hold Thou Thy Cross before my closing eyes; 
Shine through the gloom, and point me to the skies; 
Heaven's morning breaks, and earth's vain shadows flee; 
In life, in death, Lord, abide with me. Amen. 


Tto. fi. £fje g>$a6<m>s of ilje Jtoemng iSours. 

Hymn No. 15. 

C. M. D. 

Fall from the darkening sky. 
Upon the fragrance of the flowers 
The dews of evening lie ; 

2 Before Thy throne. O Lord of heaven, 

We kneel at close of day ; 
Look on Thy children from on high, 
And hear us while we pray. 

3 The sorrows of Thy servants, Lord, 

do not Thon desj>; 

But let the incense of our prayers 
Before Thy mercy rise ; 
1 The brightness of the coining night 

1 rpon the darkness rolls ; 
With hopes of future glory chase 

The shadows on our soul-. 

Slowly the rays of daylight fade ; 

So fade within our heart 
The hopes in earthly love and joy, 

That one by one depart ; 

6 Slowly the bright stars, one by one ; 

Within the heavens shine : — 
Give us,0 Lord, fresh hopes in heaven, 
And trust in things divine. 

7 Let peace, O Lord ! Thy peace, O God ! 

Upon our soul- descend, 
From midnight fears and perils, Thou 
Our trembling hearts defend : 

8 Give us a respite from our toil, 

Calm and subdue our woes: 
Through the long day we labour, Lord, 
O give us now repose ! 


^Io. 7. g>0& tfjai ^Tabesf c£-arflj anb -fteaDen. 

Hymn No. 19. 8, 4, 8, 4, 8, 8, 8, 4. 




— r 


I I 


— r=F 

i i 
i i 



I r» I Jl K| ntrr: 





^ f I I |* \V\ T I. I III » j» -^-=r 



i— |— f 

I — 

* -& 4 i i - 

\\ r 

1 God, that madest earth and heaveu, 

Darkness and light; 
Who the day for toil hast given, 

For rest the night: 
May Thine angel-guards defend us, 
Slumber sweet Thy mercy send us, 
Holy dreams and hopes attend us, 

This livelong night, 

2 Guard us waking, guard us sleeping, 

And, when we die, 
May we in Thy mighty keeping, 

All peaceful lie: 
When the last dread tramp shall wake us 
Do not Thou, our Lord, forsake us, 
But to reign in glory take us 

With Thee on high. Amen. 




^io. 8. g) ~Da\) of 'glcst anb (fcfabncss. 

Hymn No. 24. 


7, 6, 7, 6, D. 

Day of rest and gladness, 
day of joy and light, 

balm of care and sadness, 

Most beautiful, most bright; 
On thee, the high and lowly, 

Through ages joiu'd in tune, 
Sing, Holy, Holy, Holy, 

To the great God Triune. 
On thee, at the creation, 

The light first had its birth; 
On thee, for our salvation, 

Christ pose from depths of earth; 
On thee, our Lord victorious, 

The Spirit sent from heaven, 
And thus on thee, most glorious, 

A triple light was given. 
Thou art a port protected 

From storms that round us rise; 
A garden intersected 

With streams of Paradise; 

Thou art a cooling fountain 

In life's dry, dreary sand; 
From thee, like Pisgah's mountain, 

We view our promised land. 
To-day on weary nations 

The heavenly manna falls; 
To holy convocations 

The silver trumpet calls, 
Where Gospel light is glowing 

With pure and radiant beams, 
And living water flowing 

With soul-refreshing streams. 
New graces ever gaining 

From this our day of rest, 
We reach the rest remaining, 

To spirits of the blest; 
To Holy Ghost be praises, 

To Father, and to Son. 
The Church her voice upraises 

To Thee, Blest Three in One. A.UBH 


'glo. 9. £amour, cftcjaiu to ^l)i) pear %artte 

Hymn No. 32. 

Ill, I _| 


L B- 



I I I 


i I 



^— £2- 

<=J— <=2- 





I jJJl^l-J^Jl ^hd-J-JlJ^ I J J J i l II - H 

n Mi ii-^-ii i i r r -^~^- 


n i i r r r r -<-=?- 

1 Saviour, again to Thy dear Name we raise 
With one accord our parting hymn of praise ; 
We stand to bless Thee ere our worship cease, 
Then, lowly kneeling, wait Thy word of peace. 

2 Grant us Thy peace through this approaching night, 
Turn Thou for us its darkness into light; 

From harm and danger keep Thy children free, 
For dark aud light are both alike to Thee. 

3 Grant us Thy peace upon our homeward way; 
With Thee began, with Thee shall end the day; 
Guard Thou the lips from sin, the hearts from shame, 
That in this house have called upon Thy Name. 

4 Grant us Thy peace throughout our earthly life, 
Our balm in sorrow, and our stay in strife; 
Then, when Thy voice shall bid our conflict cease, 
Call us, Lord, to Thine eternal peace. Amen. 


?u\ 10. 

Hymn No 

gtyce more, o) .ioro. 

I). C. M. 

I I 


> ' m^ — .^ — <^-= — a- 11 —^ 1 

— — r^ — zzzz — r^~r~^ — ^ ^ — '^—v^—- 

Once more, Lord, Thy sign shall be 

1"])"" the heavens displayed, 
And earth and its inhabitants 

Be terribly afraid : 
Fur, not in weakness dad, thou com'st, 

Our woes, our sins to bear, 
But girt with all .Thy Father's might, 

I [is judgment to declare. 
The terrors of that awful day, 

Oh, who can understand ? 
Or who abide, when Thou in wrath 

Shalt lift Thy holy hand? 


The earth shall quake, the sea shall roar, 
The sun in heaven grow pale ; 

But Thou hast sworn, and wilt not change, 
Thy faithful shall not fail. 

Then grant as, Saviour, so to pass 
Our time in trembling here. 

That when upon the clouds of heaven 

Thy glory shall appear, 
Uplifting high our joyful heads, 

In triumph we may rise, 
And enter, with Thine angel train, 

Thy palace in the skies. 

3to. 11. iSarft ! a ^fjriffing ^oice is §oun6ing. 

Hymn No. 41. 

1 K--4- 






i r* J 

J. J. 

J. ^L J J. J 1 




J I 


: F=F 

i — r 

^ g^J E 





■J-. * 

r r r nf 

~m—-0 — # 










I I 



1 Hark ! a thrilling voice is sounding; 

" Christ is nigh/' it seems to say; 
11 Cast away the works of darkness, 
ye children of the day ! " 

2 Wakened by the solemn warning, 

Let the earth-bound soul arise; 

Christ, her Sun, all sloth dispelling, 

Shines upon the morning skies. 

3 Lo! the Lamb, so long expected, 

Comes with pardon down from heaven; 
Let us haste, with tears of sorrow, 
One and all to be forgiven; 

4 So when next He comes with glory, 

Wrapping all the world in fear, 
May He with His mercy shield us, 
And with words of love draw near. 


Hymn No. 51. 


mo. 12. 






* * 



1 f 



1 Hark! the herald angels sing 
Glory to the new-born King; 
Peace on earth, and mercy mild, 
God and sinners reconciled! 

2 Joyful, all ye nations, rise, 
Join the triumph of the skies, 
With the angelic host proclaim, 
Christ is born in Bethlehem ! 

3 Christ, by highest heaven adored 
Christ, the everlasting Lord; 
Late in time behold Him come, 
Offspring of the Virgin's womb. 

4 Veil'd in flesh the Godhead see; 
Hail the incarnate Deity, 
Pleased as Man with man to dwell; 
Jesus, our Emmanuel 1 

5 Mild He lays His glory by, 
Born that man no more may die, 
Born to raise the sons of earth, 
Born to give them second birth. 

6 Risen with healing in His wings, 
Light and life to all He brings. 
Hail, the Sim of Righteousness! 
Hail, the heaven-born Prince of Peace! 



Ro. 13. )t iiamc ^(pou f()c £Si&ni# gfear. 

Hymn No. 59. 

It came upon the midnight clear, 

That glorious song of old, 
From angels bending near the earth, 

To touch their harps of gold; 
Peace on the earth, good-will to nun, 

From heaven's all-gracious King; 
The world in solemn stillness lay 

To hear the angels sing. 

Still through the cloven skies they come 
With peaceful wings unfurl'd; 

And still their heavenly music floats 
O'er all the weary world: 

Above its sad and lowly plains 
They bend on hovering wing, 

And ever o'er its Babel sounds 

The blessed angels siuj 


ye, beneath life's crushing load, 

Whose forms are bending low, 
Who toil along the climbing way 

With painful steps and slow! 
Look now, for glad and golden hours 

Come swiftly on the wing: 
Oh, rest beside the weary road, 

And hear the angels sing. 

For lo, the days are hastening on, 

By prophets seen of old, 
When with the ever-circling years, 

Shall come the time foretold, 
When the new heaven and earth shall own 

The Prince of Peace their King, 
And the whole world send back the song 

Which now the angels sing. 

Tio. 14. jintjefs from flje £leafms of (Morn. 

Hymn No. 60. 8, 7, 8, 7. 4. 7. 

"7 7 /I ■ 









— f — 1—1 





— ^ 

-i — 

h — 

1 1 






i — ^r 

— E=F 

1 1 
1 1 







;J> ft 



I l-r-J P»». 









1 Angels, from the realms of glory, 
Wing your flight o'er all the earth; 

Ye who sang creation's story, 
Now proclaim Messiah's birth: 
|| : Come and worship, :|| 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

2 Shepherds in the field abiding, 
Watching o'er your flocks by night; 

God with man is now residing, 
Yonder shines the infant-light: 
|| : Come and worship, :|| 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

3 Sages, leave your contemplations; 
Brighter visions beam afar: 

Seek the great Desire of nation - ;, 
Ye have seen His natal star : 
|| : Come and worship, :|| 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 

4 Saints before the altar bending, 
Watching long in hope and fear, 

Suddenly the Lord, descending, 
In His temple shall appear: 
|| : Come and worship, :|| 
Worship Christ, the new-born King. 


Tio. 15. gracious Spirit, $>ott) ^ffost 

Hymn No. 76. 

7, 7, 7, 5. 


j- i i- 

y zrg— I 

d— I- : 

m m 



i ■ ■ I ii i i i 




, i j ju^UJ JiJ JjT-n— it 

I I 

I I I 

A - MEN. 


J J J j n i i rn J 

A ' r r fTr> r ir r r r \ 1j^^ 

1 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost, 
Taught by Thee we covet most 
Of Thy gifts at Pentecost 
Holy, heavenly Love. 

4 Faith will vanish into sijjht; 
Hope be emptied in delight; 
Love in heaven will shine more bright; 
Therefore, give us Love. 

2 Love is kind, and suffers long, 
Love is meek, and thinks no wrono- 
Love than death itself more strong; 
Therefore, give us Love. 

5 Faith and Hope and Love we see 
Joining hand in hand agree; 
But the greatest of the three, 
And the best, is Love. 

3 Prophecy will fade away, 
Melting in the light of day; 
Love will ever with us stay; 
Therefore, give us Love. 

6 From the overshadowing 
Of thy gold and silver wing, 
Shed on us, who to Thee sing, 
Holy, heavenly Love. Amen. 


Tio. 16. Jioxb, in tljis ^IJi) Keren's pan. 

Hymn No. 88. 





t — r 



^ 2<> 

r — r 


L *» « 

^"fl J =j 












A - MEN. 


1 Lord, in this Thy mercy's day, 
Ere the time shall pass away, 
On oar knees we fall and pray. 

2 Holy Jesus, grant us tears, 

Fill us with heart-searching fears, 
Ere that day of doom appears. 

3 Lord, on us Thy Spirit pour, 
Kneeling lowly at Thy door, 
Ere it close for evermore. 

4 By Thy night of agony, 
By Thy supplicating cry, 
By Thy willlingness to die, 

5 By Thy tears of bitter woe 
For Jerusalem below, 

Let us not Thy love forego. 

6 Judge and Saviour of our race, 
Grant us when we see Thy face, 
With Thy ransomed ones a place. 

7 On Thy love we rest alone, 

And that love shall then be known 
By the pardoned round Thy throne. 


%o. 17. SttDionr, luijen in pp$f to £)fjee. 

Hymn No. 89 

Saviour ! when in dust to Thee 
Low we bow the adoring knee, 
When, repentant to the skies 
Scarce we lift our weeping eyes, 
Oh ! by all Thy pains and woe 
Suffered once for man below; 
Ben ling from Thy throne on high, 
Hear our solemn litany ! 
By Thy helpless infant years, 
By Thy life of want and tears, 
By Thy days of sore distress 
In t lie savage wilderness, 
By the dread permitted hour 
Of the mighty tempter's power: 
Turn, oh turn a favoring eye, 
Hear our solemn litany ! 
By the sacred grief that wept 
O'er t he grave where Lazarus slept; 
By the boding tears that flowed 
Over Salem's loved abode; 


By the anguished sigh that told 
Treachery lurked within Thy fold; 
From Thy seat above the sky, 
Hear our solemn litany f 

4 By the burthen Thou didst bear, 
By Thine agony of prayer, 

By the cross, the nail, the thorn, 
Piercing spear, and torturing scorn 
By the gloom that veiled the skies 
O'er the dreadful sacrifice; 
Listen to our humble cry, 
Hear our solemn litany ! 

5 By Thy deep expiring groan ; 
By the sealed sepulchral stone; 
By the vault, whose dark abode 
Held in vain the rising God: 

Oh! from earth to heaven restored, 
Mighty, re-ascended Lord, 
Listen, listen to the cry 
Of our solemn litany. Ame.w 

£lo. 18. $cf)oR> fl)e e£am6 of £>oo. 

Hymn No, 96. 

6. 6. 6. 4. 8. 8. 4. 


■~---a * 




gg . 




i i i 

1 Behold the Lamb of God! 
O Thou for sinners slain, 
Let it not be in vain 

That Thou hast died: 
Thee for my Saviour let me take, 
My only refuge let me make 

Thy pierced side. 

2 Behold the Lamb of God! 
Into the sacred flood 
Of Thy most precious blood 

My soul I east; 
Wasfa me and make me clean within. 
And keep me pure from every sin, 

Till life be passed. 

This tune was written by request, especially for the third verse, as a Eiieluuistk- Hymn. 


3 Behold the Lamb of God! 
All hail, incarnate Word, 
Thou everlasting Lord, 

Saviour most blest: 
Fill us with love that never faints, 
Grant us with all Thy blessed saints, 

Eternal rest. 

4 Behold the Lamb of God! 
Worthy is He alone, 
That Bitteth on the throne 

Of God above; 
One with the Ancient of all days. 
One with the Comforter in praise, 

All Light and Love. 

2lo. 19. At tk \ixoss S>ci Station xtepnur. 

:-:--: *. f . t. f. s, : 

v .'• , ,,' .:::-. :;■:■: 

&*V S ^S M J X r 


^T :*_.»; ^ -.0- 

' 0- 




— •#- 




-* — 

^— 1 

v ^ , 


— ' 



_f #^ 




j pTiTP 1 »' ^ g-^i^r Sg * *' z jEFEL 

. 10 


1 AJ 

9 w 



%o. 20. .U-5U5 Prist §s %i$tn So-pap. 

Hymn No. 112. 


Jesus Christ is risen to-day, 
Our triumphant holy day, 
"Who did once upon the cross 
Suffer to redeem our loss. 

Hymns of praise then let us sing 
Unto Christ, our heavenly King, 
Who endured the cross and grave 
Sinners to redeem and save. 

But the pains which He endured 
Our salvation have procured; 
Now above the sky He's King, 
Where the angels ever sing, 

Sing we to our God above 
Praise eternal as His lore; 
Praise Him, all ye heavenly host, 
Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. 

Alleluia ! Amen. 


^Xo. 21. £l)ri5t ilje c£or6 is jHtseu -Again. 

Hymn No. 114. 7s with Alleluia. 

* i 

Christ the Lord is risen again; 
Christ hath broken every chain; 
Hark, angelic voices cry, 
Singing evermore on high 
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen. 

He Who gave for us His life, 
Who for us endured the strife, 
Is our Paschal Lamb to-day; 
We too sing for joy, and Bay, 
Alleluia! etc. 

He Who bore all pain and loss 
Comfort less upon the Cross, 
Lives in glory now on high, 
Pleads for us and hears our cry; 
Alleluia! etc. 

Tie Who slumbered in the grave 
Is exalted now to save; 
Now through Christendom it rings 
That the Lamb is King of kings. 
Alleluia! etc. 

Xow He bids us tell abroad 
How the lost may be restored, 
How the penitent forgiven, 
How we too may enter heaven. 
Alleluia! etc. 

Thou, our Paschal Lamb indeed, 
Christ, Thy ransomed people feed: 
Take our sins and guilt away. 
Let us sing by night and day 
Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! Amen. 


Tio. 22. gesus Jliws ! %fm ^errors Tion). 

Hymn No. 122. 

7. 8. 7. 8. 



?: s 

53 E 

i i f i i . i i i r ' i ' r 

I I | uj III 

a 2 r r " i j^ZcJ-grrifft - - 


I I 

i r fff r r i 

1,1 , -^-^ A -MKN. 




1 Jesns lives: thy terrors now 

Can no longer, Death, appall ns; 
Jesus lives: by this we know 

Thou, Grave, canst not enthrall us. Alleluia! 

2 Jesus lives: henceforth is death 

But the gate of life immortal; 
This shall calm our trembling breath, 

When we pass its gloomy portal. Alleluia! 

3 Jesus lives: for us He died: 

Then, alone to Jesus living, 
Pure in heart may we abide, 

Glory to our Saviour giving. Alleluia! 

4 Jesus lives: our hearts know well 

Nought from u< His love shall sever: 
Life, nor death, nor powers of hell 

Tear us from His keeping ever. Alleluia! 

5 Jesus lives: to Him the throne 

Over all the world is given; 
May we go where lie is gone, 

Rest and reign with Him in heaven! 



%o. 23. 

Hymn No. 141 

^e 6ti)c 3mmortaf praise. 

J- — ^ J 1 1— ^ 1 

T — ^ 1 1 1 j ■ 1 


^ <Ji i 
g: » » „ ■> V^ 

=-J *-*-* <£ F^- ltd- 

\ L r 

J^f— . * E^J J 

1 ' J 
-* — * — ^ 

! J 

vTr 4=£ti±mm 


g SJJ t 

1 We give immortal praise 

To God the Father's love, 
For all our comforts here, 

And all our hopes above: 
He sent His own Eternal Son 
To die for sins that man had done. 

2 To God the Son belong 

Immortal glory too, 
Who saved aa by His blood 

From everlastin-r woe: 
And now He lives, and now He reigns, 
And see> the fruit of all His pains. 

B power 
the dead sinner live: 

3 To God the Spirit praise 

And endless worship give, 
Whose new-creatinj 


His work completes the great design, 
And fills the soul with joy divine. 

4 Almighty God, to Thee 

Be endless honours done; 
The Sacred Persons Three, 
The Godhead only One: 
Where reason fails with all her powers, 
There faith prevails, and love a<l<>]v<. 



%o. 24. Aarfi ! ffic Sonnb of iSofp Voices. 

Hymn No. 179. ... 7. g, 7. l>. 

\ m m I n ' I I ' ' Kk I n 


c_ «^i — I — 



§ ' »3if, 


l?yi v. 


1 , ^ r , r . r i * . . r fTfTTI 

: ' * (SHE 

i — r r- 



L 1 ' 1 r s» 

■w-m-^- f rrm Hi t . trr a r*- 
» 1 1 1 


" d. -J-h 


-I — T 

1 1 

^- ^ ji i ^„^-i 4 

m- -S#— i-P — ^ 

f • * # ? 

1 Hark! the sound of holy voices, 

Chautiog o'er the crystal sea, 
Alleluia, Alleluia, 

Alleluia, Lord, to Thee; 
Multitude, which none can Dumber, 

Like the stars in glory stand-. 
Clothed in white apparel, holding 

Palms of victory in their hands. 

2 Patriarch, and holy Prophet, 

Who prepared the way for Christ, 
King, Apostle, Saint, Confessor, 

.Martyr and Evangelist, 
Saimlv maiden, godly matron, 

Widows who have watched to prayer, 
Joined in holy concert Binging 

To the Lord of all, are there. 

iu-/\i r^ J i as 

I , I 

f w r \i& * *n 

A - MEN. 


1 — r— 

Marching with Thy cross their banner, 

They have triuniph'd, following 
Thee, the Captain of Salvation, 

Thee, their Saviour and their King. 
Gladly, Lord, with Thee they suffer'd; 

Gladly, Lord, with Thee they died; 
And by death to life immortal 

They were born and glorified. 

Xow they reign in heavenly glory, 

Now they walk in golden light, 
Xow they drink, as from a river, 

Holy hi iss and infinite: 
Love and peace they taste forever, 

And all truth and knowledge see 
In the beatific vision 

Of the blessed Trinity. Amen. 


2lo. 25. 

$reab of ffje gSorfo. 

Hymn No. 225. 


I I 










9, 8, 9, 8. 










-C* «. 




— <s>- 










I I 

g£> ' 



A - MEN. 


1 Bread of the world, in mercy broken, 

Wine of the soul, in mercy shed, 
By Whom the words of life were spoken, 
And in Whose death our sins are dead; 

2 Look on the heart by sorrow broken, 

Look on the tears by sinners shed; 
And be Thy feast to us the token 

That by Thy grace our souls are fed. Amen. 


mo. 26. <A £eip ^lore ?jear5 Sfaff %lol 

Hymn No. 203. 

8. M. D. 










-h— I 4^-1 

a^_s J jx * = j — J— a I J. f-J— t -i I j. I 

vi ii i i i i >rrf^ 


L I 

V -^ 


I » J I 




■m »- 









A -MEN. 



■» — *■ 






1 A few more years shall roll, 
A few more seasons come, 

A lid we shall be with those that rest 
Asleep within the tomb: 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that great day; 

O wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

2 A few more suns shall set 
O'er these dark hills of time, 

And we shall be where suns are not, 
A far serener clime: 
Then, O my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that blest day; 

O wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

3 A few more storms shall beat 
On this wild rocky shore, 

And we shall be where tempests cease, 
And surges swell no more: 
Then, O my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that calm day; 

O wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

4 A few more struggles here, 
A few more partings o'er, 

A few more toils, a few more tears, 
And we shall weep no more: 
Then, O my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that bright day; 

O wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. 

5 'Tis but a little while 
And He shall come again, 

Who died that we might live, who lives 
That we with Him may reign: 
Then, my Lord, prepare 
My soul for that glad day; 

O wash me in Thy precious blood, 
And take my sins away. Amen. 


%o. Ti. Mb now, o) Jatfjer, ^inbfttl of fl)e ^odc 

Kymn No. 228. 






Six 10 s. 

==FF = I 

i I I I I 

1 1 1 i 


I I 
I I 

^rr rprr 7 d 


i i 

1— t 




&-0-&-& -TZ? 





ST' 1 1 

-Cr iO 


1 And now, Father, mindful of the love 3 And then for those, our dearest and our 

That brought us, once for all, on 
Calvary's Tree, 
And having with us Him that pleads 
We here present, we here spread forth 
to Thee, 
That only offering, perfect in Thine eyes, 
The one true pure, immortal Sacrifice. 

Look, Father, look on His Anointed 


And only look on us as found in Him; 

Look not on our misusings of Thy grace, 

Our prayer so languid, and our faith 

so dim; 

For lol between our sins and their reward 

We set the Passion of Thy Son our 




r>v this prevailing Presence we appeal; 

fold them closer to Thy mercy's breast, 

O do Thine utmost for their soul's 

true weal; [and clear, 

From tainting mischief keep them white 

And crown Thy gifts with strength to 


And so we come; O draw us to Thy feet, 
Most patient Saviour, "Who canst love 
us still; 
And by this food, so awful and so sweet, 

Deliver us from every touch of ill: 
In Thine own service make us glad and 

And grant ns never more to part with 
Thee. Amen. 

%o. 28. gfjrisf, $>l?ose ^>fori? -^iffo ff?e £|ies. 

Hymn No. 312. 

Six 7s. 





~ T T r i r f T^ 



i i r 
i i j j 

4 4'*'' 

* — * — » — - 






I I 

* I 




r r r r 

j j 1 -' j 


u-_i: I 


i j J Jj i J i jj 

ff r.rrf 




A - MEN. 


■J-J— u 1 .J. 


1 Christ, whose glory fills the skies, 

Christ, the true, the only Light, 
San of Righteousness, arise! 

Triumph o'er the shades of night! 
Day-spring from on high, be near; 
Day-star, in my heart appear! 

2 Dark and cheerless is the morn 

Unaccompanied by Thee; 
Joyless is the day's return, 
Till thy mercy's beams I see; 

, 1— 1 V J. I* 

1— r 



! I 

Till they inward light impart, 
Glad my eyes, and warm my heart. 

3 Visit then this soul of mine; 

Pierce the gloom of sin and 
Fill me, Radiancy divine, 
Scatter all my unbelief; 
More and more Thyself display, 
Shining to the perfect day. Amen. 


Tio. '29. %§ovl ^f)o$e cftfmifl^fp ^or5. 

Hymn No. 327. 
Briskly. , , 

G, 6, 4, 6, 6, 6, 4. 




i — r 



I I 








& & 




1 Thou, whose Almighty word 
Chaos and darkness heard, 

And took their flight; 
Hear as, we humbly pray, 
Ami, where the Gospel day 
Sheds not its glorious ray, 
Let there be light! 

•2 Thou who didst come to bring 
On Thy redeeming wing 

Healing and sight, 
Health to the sick in mind, 
Sight to the inly-blind, 
Oh, now to all mankind, 
Let there be light! 

3 Spirit of truth and love, 
Life-giving, holy Dove, 

Speed forth Thy flight ! 
Move on the waters' face, 
Bearing the lamp of grace, 
And, in earth's darkest place 

Let there be light! 

4 Holy and Blessed Three, 
Glorious Trinity, 

Wisdom, Love, Might, 
Boundless as ocean's tide, 
Rolling in fullest pride, 
Through the world, far and wide, 

Let there be light! Amen. 


$0. 30. %o4 of ^cjes, gfefj for ^Tc. 

Hymn No. 336. and ( oJtZ Prayer Book Version) Hymn No. 531. 



-& — ■ 1— I 1 1 P-* <s — 


Rock of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in Thee; 
Let the water and the blood, 
From Thy side, a healing flood, 
Be of sin the double cure, 
Save from wrath, and make 


2 Should my tears forever flow, 
Should my zeal no languor know, 

All for sin could not atone, 
Thou must save, and Thou alone; 
In my hand no price I bring, 
Simply to Thy cross I cling. 

While I draw this fleeting breath, 
When mine eyelids close in death, 
When I rise to worlds unknown, 
And behold Thee on Thy throne, 
Rock of ages, cleft for me, 
Let me hide myself in Thee. Amen, 


%0. 31 

Hymn No. 340. 



3u fl)c <ftour of ^riaf. 

• \^~ is — 1 


6, 5, 8, 5. D. 

*a s i » i j j j 'i- 1 j l y ■ ■ r ^ Jo i^ i 

r r I | i i i i f-cr-f \\T~v ^* 

, | I I I h A-MKN. 

1 In the hour of trial, 

Jesu, plead for me; 

Lest by base denial 

I depart from Thee; 
When Thou seest me waver, 

With a look recall, 
Nor for fear or favour 

Suffer me to fall. 

2 With forbidden pleasures 

Would this vain world charm 
Or its sordid treasures 

Spread to work me harm; 
Bring to ray remembrance 

Sad Gethsemane, 
Or, in darker semblance, 

Cross-crown'd Calvary. 

Should Thy mercy send me 

Sorrow, toil, and woe; 
Or should pain attend me 

On my path below; 
Grant that 1 may never 

Fail Thy hand to see; 
Grant that I may ever 

Cast my care on Thee. 

When my last hour cometh, 

Fraught with strife and pain, 
When my dust returneth 

To the dust again; 
On Thy truth relying, 

Through that mortal strife, 
Jesu, take me, dying, 

To eternal life. Amen. 


%o. 32. §65115, tin) Mainour! J,oofi on ^Te. 

Hymn No. 341. 8 > 8 > 8 > 


Jesus, my Saviour ! look on me, 

For I am weary and opprest; 
I come to cast myself on Thee: 

Thou art my Rest. 
Look down on me, for I am weak, 

I feel the toilsome journey's length; 
Thine aid omnipotent I seek; 

Thou art my Strength. 
I am bewilder'd on my way, 

Dark and tempestuous is the night; 
send Thou forth some cheering ray: 

Thou art rny my Light. 
When Satan flings his fiery darts, 

I look to Thee; my terrors cease; 
Thy cross a hiding-place imparts: 

Thou art my Peace. 
Standing alone on Jordan's brink, 

In that tremendous latest strife, 
Thou wilt not suffer me to sink: 

Thou art my Life. 
Thou wilt my every want supply, 

E'en to the end whate'er befall; 
Through life, in death, eternally, 

Thou art my All. Amen. 


Tio. 33. Art pon 25eari), Alt Sfiou -iangtrifc 

Hymn No. 342. Verses 1, 2. 






* 2: 


r — r 






r 0_ 

===*= =^=* 

* h 

1 Art thou weary, art thou languid, 

Art thou .sore distress'd ? 
''Come to me," saith One, "and coming, 
Be at rest." 

2 Hath He marks to lead me to Him, 

If He be my guide? 
"In His feet and hands are wound-prints, 
And Hi, side." 

3 I- there diadem, as Monarch, 

That His brow adorn- '.' 
" Yea, a crown, in very surety, 
But of thon. 

4 If I find Him, if I follow, 
What His guerdon here ? 

M Many a sorrow, many a labour, 
Many a tear." 

H - It 




J ~s~ 


— -- # — 

— 0— 
























fi03 ^ 


: * 



^ — 

— — 





•• — 



— ^ — 




/ N ^ «* *-; # 0- 


A - MEN'. 

-«t _^ZT ^. 


5 If I still hold closelv to Him, 
What hath He at last ? 
•• Sorrow ranqnish'd, labour ended, 
Jordau pass'd." 

6 I:' I ask Him to receive me. 
Will He say me nay ? 
•• Not till earth, and not till heaven 
Pass awav." 

T Finding, following, keeping, struggling, 

Is He sure to Men 
•• Saints, apostles, prophets, martyrs. 
Answer. ' ves.' " 


Tco. 34. 


Clearer, mi; (bob, to ^Ijee. 

Hymn No. 344 


G, 4, 6, 4, 6, 6, 4. 




I I I 

J I J 

1 j- 1 Ji 

-Frr-'r-r-r — T^ 1 ^ - u ^~ n — r — r 


I I I 

I I 

A - MKX 


Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 
E'en though it be a cross 

That raiseth me; 
Still all my song shall be, 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 
Though like a wanderer, 

Weary and lone, 
Darkness comes over me, 

My rest a stone; 
Yet in my dreams I 'd be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 

There let my way appear 

Steps unto Heaven; 
All that Thou sendest me 

In mercy given; 
Angels to beckon me 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 
Then, with my waking thoughts 

Bright with Thy praise, 
Out of my stony griefs 

Altars I'll raise; 
So by my woes to be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! 

Or, if on joyful wing, 

Cleaving the sky, 
Sun, moon, and stars forgot, 

Upward I fly, 
Still all my song shall be 
Nearer, my God, to Thee, 

Nearer to Thee! Amev. 


%o. 35. $ty 3?aiflj ^oogs up fo ufjec. 

Hymn No. 345. 

02 R ' 

6, 6, 4, 6, 6, 


/^-H^ — h- 

-1 1 J. J 







| 1 1 1 1 

— z* s»- 

<3 . 


^ K'ft 


/~~\ . .- ^ — -^ 

i F^ *5 ^ 



i^ rr --f i — 1 1 

F 1 r I — 

^2 • 


s~ <s ^ £2 


■ i- r r 

1 1 

Lp— 1- — I ! 





: ^^f? 






A - MEN. 




1 My faith looks up to Thee, 
Thou Lamb of Calvary, 

Saviour divine! 
Now hear me while I pray: 
Take all my guilt away; 
O, let me from this day 

Be wholly Thine. 

2 May Thy rich grace impart 
Strength to my fainting heart, 

My zeal inspire: 
As Thou hast died for me, 
O, may my love to Thee 
Pure, warm, and changeless be, 

A living fire. 

While life's dark maze I tread, 
And griefs around me spread, 

Be Thou my guide; 
Bid darkness turn to day, 
Wipe sorrow's tears away, 
Nor let me ever stray 

From Thee aside. 

When ends life's transient dream, 
When death's cold sullen stream 

Shall o'er me roll, 
Blest Saviour, then in love, 
Fear and distrust remove; 
0, bear me safe above, 

A ransom'd soul. Amen. 


,o. 36. 


o) §esu, ^f)ou art ffan&ing. 

Hymn No. 357. 

7, 6, 7, 6, D. 




1 r-'t 

i i i 

-^>—& — ^ > ^ - 









I I 

1 O Jesu, Thou art standing 

Outside the fast-closed door, 
In lowly patience waiting 

To pass the threshold o'er: 
Shame ou us Christian brothers, 

His name and sign who bear: 
O shame, thrice shame upon us, 

To keep Him standing there. 

2 O Jesu, Thou art knocking: 

And lo ! that hand is scarr'd, 
And thorns Thy brow encircle, 
And tears Thy face have marr'd 


O love that passeth knowledge, 

So patiently to wait! 
sin that hath no equal, 

So fast to bar the gate! 

Jesu, Thou art pleading 

In accents meek and low, 
"I died for you, My children, 

And will ye treat Me so?" 
O Lord, with shame and sorrow 

We open now the door: 
Dear Saviour, enter, enter, 

And leave us nevermore. Amen. 


%o. 37. %o jbtw ^f)o for §)ur §>hts 'gjfos $fain 

Hymn No. 366. 


8. 8. 6. 8. 8. 6. 


r r t . * ,t J * J 









yr r r 


I I 

" ■ g d 


T- '•*••■■ ^ 




j — p— 

^ijy^ ;i 

(Lastf verse.) 

i . 

1 To Him "Who for our sins was slain, 
To Him for all His dying pain, 

Sing we Alleluia ! 
To Him the Lamb our Sacrifice, 
AYho gave His blood our ransom-price, 

Sing we Alleluia 1 

2 To Him Who died that we might die 
To sin, and live with Him on high, 

Sing we Alleluia! 
To Him Who rose that we might rise, 
And reign with Him beyond the skies, 

Sing we Alleluia! 

To Him Who now for us doth plead, 
And helpeth us in all our need, 

Sing we Alleluia! 
To Him Who doth prepare on high 
Our home in immortality, 

Sing we Alleluia! 

To Him be glory evermore: 

Ye heavenly hosts, your Lord adore; 

Sing we Alleluia! 
To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, 
Our God most great, our joy, our boast, 

Sing we Alleluia! Amen. 


%o. 38. £ofp 3?aff)er, ^reaf (Sreafor. 

Hymn No. 386. 

8. 7. 8. 7. 4. 7. 

Holy Father, great Creator, 

Source of mercy, love, and peace, 

Look upon the Mediator, 

Clothe 08 with His righteousness ; 
Heavenly Father, 

Through the Saviour hear and bless. 

Holy Jesus, Lord of glory, 

Whom angelic hosts proclaim, 

While we hear Thy wondrous story, 
Meet and worship in Thy Dame, 
Dear Redeemer, 

In our hearts Thy peace proclaim. 

Holy Spirit, Sanctifier, 

Come with unction from above, 
Raise our hearts to raptures higher, 

Fill them with the Saviour's love! 
Source of comfort, 
Cheer us with the Saviour's love. 

God the Lord, through every nation 
Let Thy wondrous mercies shine! 

In the song of Thy salvation 

Every tongue and race combine! 
Great Jehovah, 

Form our hearts and make them Thine. 


%o. 39. o)f>, ^l)af, if ^e are gfrtsfs 

Hymn No. 390. 


d2 ^_Lj^=j=^=q=1=F3 

S. M. 


u i i r 

U *n i ji^fetofesy 

a * ^ 

J ^ J J 




* — -#- 



A - MEN. 

1 Oh! what, if we are Christ's, 

Is earthly shame or loss? 
Bright shall the crown of glory be 
When we have borne the Cross. 

2 Keen was the trial once, 

Bitter the cup of woe, 
When raartyr'd saints, baptized in blood, 
Christ's sufferings shared below. 

3 Bright is their glory now, 

Boundless their joy above, 
Where on the bosom of their God, 
They rest iD perfect love. 

4 Lord, may that grace be ours, 

Like them in faith to bear 
All that of sorrow, grief, or pain 
May be our portion here; 

5 Enough if Thou at last 

The word of blessing give, 
And let us rest beneath Thy feet, 

Where saints and angels live. Amen. 


Tic. 40. 

iSadi! iSarft, mi) Souf. 

Hymn No. 398. 

FlBST Tune. 

11, 10, 11, 10, 9, 11. 

1 > ' 1 1 

-^-i <^ • J ■■■ -JL J ill i J 

i i r r 


1— I" 

I I 



r i r irr l^-^ 




rirnr 1-1 1 i | r r 

1 Hark! hark, my soul! Angelic songs are swelling 

O'er earth's green fields and ocean's wave-heat shore: 
How sweet the truth those blessed strains are telling 

Of that new life when sin shall be no more ! 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night. 

2 Onward we go, for still we hear them singing, 

" Come, weary souls, for Jesus bids you come;" 
And, through the dark, its echoes sweetly ringing, 

The music of the Gospel leads us home. 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night. 




Second Tune. 


10, 11, 10, 0, 11. 


r \ 'i<W d iUte WM 


I I I. 



^. J J. -a. ^_ 

^privU 1 11 r r riH'jr-^ 

4| " — 

3 Far, far away, like bells at evening pealing 

The voice of Jesus sounds o'er land and sea, 
And laden souls by thousands meekly stealing, 

Kind Shepherd, turn their weary steps to Thee. 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night. 
Rest comes at length, though life be long and dreary, 

The day must dawn, and darksome night be past: 
Faith's journey ends in welcome to the weary. 

And heaven, the heart's true home, will come at last. 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night. 
Angels, sing on! your faithful watches keeping; 

Sing us sweet fragments of the songs above; 
Till morning's joy shall end the night of weeping, 

And life's long shadows break in cloudless love. 
Angels of Jesus, Angels of light, 
Singing to welcome the pilgrims of the night. Amen. 


(>) Cambist, 5) tyatabist 

Hymn No. 394. B, 8, 8, 6, 0, 6, 6, 6. 

r J 1 1 i m i i J i i J 

r cr ??r r I i i i /T r 

r r f\r\T\asm 



O Paradise, Paradise, 

Who doth not crave for rest? 
Who would not seek the happy land, 
Where they that loved are blest? 
Where loyal hearts and true 

Stand ever in the light, 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight. 

Paradise, O Paradise, 

The world is growing old; 
Who would not be at rest and free 

Where love is never cold? 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Paradise, Paradise, 
We long to sin no more, 

We long to be as pure on earth 
As on Thy spotless shore; 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Paradise, Paradise, 
We shall not wait for long; 

E'en now the loving ear may catch 
Faint fragments of thy song; 

Where loyal hearts and true, etc. 

Lord Jesus, King of Paradise, 

keep us in Thy love, 
And guide me to that happy land 
Of perfect rest above; 

Where loyal hearts and true, 

Stand ever in the light, 
All rapture through and through, 
In God's most holy sight. Amir. 



43. S?or ^l)ee, g) pear, pear (Eounfrp. 

Eymn No. 407. 

T, 0, 7, 6, r>. 


xr ^r 


I i 









r i i I *&* i r r i 

^ A •^..-r^-^ ♦■* 

n — 

»r rrr 

— n 

i i i i ii 
i i 

• I i i • J i i J 

jgd ! J" III j^ A eMf^ M ^ JJ 1 J l h»-?rfi 

mm* I *. i I I 9-»- #1 **-««%«. 

1 For thee, O dear, dear country, 

Mine eyes their vigils keep; 
For very love, beholding 

Thy happy name, they weep. 
The mention of thy glory 

Is unction to the breast, 
And medicine in sickness, 

And love, and life, and rest. 

2 one, only mansion; 

O Paradise of joy ! 
"Where tears are ever banished, 

And smiles have no alloy; 
Thy loveliness oppresses 

All human thought and heart, 
And none, Peace, O Sion, 

Can sing thee as thou art. 

3 With jasper glow thy bulwarks, 

Thy streets with emeralds blaze; 
The sardius and the topaz 

Unite in thee their rays; 
Thine ageless walls are bonded 

With amethyst unpriced; 
The saiuts build up its fabric, 

And the corner-stone is Christ. 

4 The cross is all Thy splendour, 

The Crucified thy praise; 
His laud and benediction 

Thy ransomed people raise: 
Upon the Rock of Ages 

They build thy holy tower; 
Thine is the victor's laurel, 

And thine the golden dower. Amen. 


Tio. 4-1. 

Hymn No. 423. 

Scab, &Utbft c£tgOf. 

10, 4, 10, 4, 10, 10. 




'^:. j U^ j Ht^M 

fT r_ r r f f 

I I I 

1 — r 

4" j J J .111 =1 





1 — rr 

i i i 
i , i 



g^ » U - ^ I 

?*£-» — *-a* — f-P 2 -*-— ,*- 

r _ r 

1— ^r 




! j j' ', r i U 


J J J J I ! ^J J l^H II ! i I =11 

.*-*-! ^1 F> -*- I I .F> W __ __ 

J j J . J 

. rT _,__ r _cp 








A - MEN. 





1 Lead, kindly Light, amid the encircling 

Lead Thou me on; [gloom, 

The night is dark, and I am far from home, 

Lead Thou me on. 
Keep Thou my feet; I do not ask to see 
The distant scene; one step enough forme. 

2 I was not ever thus, nor pray'd that Thou 

Shouldest lead me on; 
I loved to choose and see my path; but now 
Lead Thou me on. 

I loved the garish day; and spite of fears, 
Pride ruled my will: remember not past 

3 So long Thy power has blest me, sure it still 

Will lead me on 
O 'er moor and fen, o 'er crag and torrent, till 

The night is gone, 
And with the morn those angel faces smile, 
Which I have loved long since, and lost 
awhile. Amen. 


£to. 45. JMt iSaif ffje Corner of £esus' ^lame. 

Hymn No. 450 

1 All hail the power of Jesus' name! ' 

Let angels prostrate fall ; 
Bring forth the royal diadem, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

2 Crown Him, ye martyrs of our God, 

Who from His altar call; 
Extol the stem of Jesse's rod, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

3 Hail Him, the Heir of David's line, 

Whom David, Lord, did call; 
The God incarnate! Man divine! 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

4 Ye seed of Israel's chosen race, 

Ye ransomed of the fall, 
Hail Him who saves you by His grace, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

5 Sinners, whose love can ne'er forget 

The wormwood and the gall, 
Go, spread your trophies at His feet, 
And crown Him Lord of all. 

6 Let every kindred, every tribe, 

Before Him prostrate fall, 
To Him all majesty ascribe, 

And crown Him Lord of all. Amen. 


•Ho. 46. Sing ^ffehtia forflj in puteous praise. 

Hymn No. 462. 

10, 10, 7. 

tp_ r _ r _ r _t_i 



1 Sing Alleluia forth in duteous praise, 

citizens of heaven; and sweetly raise 
An endless Alleluia. 

2 Ye Powers, who stand before the Eter- 

nal Light, 
In hymning choirs re-echo to the height 
An endless Alleluia. 

3 The holy city shall take up your strain, 
And with glad songs resounding wake 


An endless Alleluia. 

4 In blissful antiphons ye thus rejoice 

To render to the Lord with thankful voice 
An endless Alleluia. 

5 Ye who have gained at length your 

palms in bliss, 
Victorious ones, your chant shall still 
be this, 

An endless Alleluia. 

6 There, in one grand acclaim, for ever 

The strains which tell the honour of 
your King; 

An endless Alleluia. 

7 This is sweet rest for weary ones brought 

This is glad food and drink which none 
shall lack, 

An endless Alleluia. 

8 While Thee, by whom were all things 

made, we praise 
For ever, and tell out in sweetest lays 
An endless Alleluia. 

9 Almighty Christ, to Thee our voices 

Glory for evermore: to Thee we bring 
An endless Alleluia. Amen. 


mo. 47 

§11 c£ou6 cSiaffcb |>frains. 

Hymn No. 482. 

6, 6, 6, 6, 8, 8. 


2= t 

i , , i i. j. j j j. j. 


TpT . .TfTTT 


^— t— ^&^*-0— tT — f—<*—+ 

III ill 

I I I 

fci «l J J 


^=f— r; 




I r^ — 4 


J | J J | f 

I -I I f 

I I 1 I I ^E 





s^— <E 


J J 



1 Iii loud exalted strains, 

The King of Glory praise; 
O'er heaven and earth He reigns, 

Through everlasting days; 
But Sion, with His presence blest, 
Is His delight, His chosen rest. 

2 King of Glory, come; 

And with Thy favour crown 
This temple as Thy homo, 

This people as Thy own ; 
Beneath this roof vouchsafe to show 
How God can dwell with men below. 




A - MEN. 



Now let Thine ear attend 

Our supplicating cries; 
Now let our praise ascend, 

Accepted, to the skies: 
Now let Thy Gospel's joyful sound 
Spread its celestial influence round. 

Here may the listening throng 
Imbibe Thy truth and love; 

Here Christians join the song 
Of seraphim above: 

Till all who humbly seek Thy face 

Rejoice in Thy abounding grace. Ambn. 


%o. 48. 4or5 of our cSife, anb &ob of our Safuafion 

Hymn No. 496. 

1<>. >. 

1 Lord of our life, and God of our salvation, 
Star of our night, and Hope of every nation, 
Hear and receive Thy Church's supplication, 

Lord God Almighty. 

2 See round Thine ark the hungry billows curling; 
See how Thy foes their banners are unfurling; 
Lord, while their darts envenomed they are hurling, 

Thou canst preserve us. 

3 Lord, Thou canst help, when earthly armour faileth, 
Lord, Thou canst save when deadly sin assaileth, 
Lord, o'er Thy Rock, nor death nor hell prevaileth; 

Grant us Thy peace, Lord. 

4 Peace in our hearts, our evil thoughts assuaging; 
Peace, in Thy Church, where brothers are engaging, 
Peace, when the world its busy war is waging; 

Calm Thy foes' raging. 

5 Grant us Thy help till backward they are driven; 
Grant them Thy truth, that they may be forgiven; 
Grant peace on earth, and after we have striven, 

Peace in Thy Heaven. Amex. 


Qo. 49. Sf)e Son of ^o& (hoes ^orff) to ^>ax. 

Hymn No. 507. ^ C - M - D ' 






1 The Son of God goes forth to war, 

A kingly crown to gain; 
His blood-red banner streams afar: 

Who follows in His train ? 
Who best can drink His cup of woe, 

Triumphant over pain, 
Who patient bears His cross below — 

He follows in His train. 

3 A glorious band, the chosen few, 

On whom the Spirit came: [knew, 
Twelve valiant saints, their hope they 

And mock'd the cross and flame: 
They met the tyrant's brandish'd steel, 

The lion's gory mane: 
They bow'd their necks the death to feel: 

Who follows in their train ? 

The martyr first whose eagle eye 
Could pierce beyond the grave, 

Who saw his Master in the sky, 

And called on Him to save: 
Like Him, with pardon on His tongue, 

In midst of mortal pain, 
He prayed for them that did the wrong: 

Who follows in His train? 
The first four lines of this tune may be sung in unison, or for this hymn use tune No. 70, 

A noble army, men and boys, 

The matron and the maid. 
Around the Saviour's throne rejoice, 

In robes of light array 'd: 
They climb'd the steep ascent of heaven 

Through peril, toil, and pain: 
O God! to us may grace be given 

To follow in their train ! Amen. 

2to. 50. ^riptli) fleams our fanner. 

[ymn No. 515. 

i | 6 5s. 

1 "M I ' l ' I 

* J * 4 * J •*- 

1 ' ' i i N i ' 



j ^: i d~ irniihalJJJJI 

" i , i iXT i ,i \7 r , 



i i- 


1 Brightly gleams our banner 

Pointing to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 

To their home on high. 
Journeying o'er the desert, 

Gladly thus we pray, 
And with hearts united 

Take our heavenward way. 
Brightly gleams our banner, 

Pointing to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 
To their home on high. 

2 Jesu, Lord and master, 

At Thy saered feet, 
Here with hearts rejoicing 

See Thy children meet; 
Often have we left Thee, 

Often gone astray, 
Keep, as mighty Saviour, 

Iu the narrow way. 

Brighty g'eams, etc. 


All our days direct us 
In the way we pro, 
Lead us on victorious 

Over every foe: 
Bid Thine angels shield as 

When the storm-clouds lower, 
Pardon, Lord, and save us 
In the last dread hour. 
Brightly gleams, etc. 
Then with Saints and Angels 

May we join above, 
Offering prayers and praises 

At Thy Throne of love; 
When the toil is over, 

Then come rest and peace, 
Jesus in His beauty, 

Songs that never erase. 

Brightly gleams our banner 

Pointing to the sky, 
Waving wanderers onward 
To their home on high. Ami 

«Tio. 51. o)iui)ar5, gfjrisfian Softiers. 

Hymn No. 516. ~ 

6, 5, 6, 5, D. 

g=i2o.r : * inr ffi i iix r»rr 

BCarch. I 

i ill! 

Aftsfr^ M-: 




I ' I 

• «'« 
I ' 1 

Onward, Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war. 
With the cross of Jesus 

Going on before. 
Christ the royal Master 

Leads against the foe ; 
Forward into battle. 
See, His banners go. 

Onward. Christian soldiers, 

Marching as to war. 
With the cross of Jesus 
Going on before. 

At the sign of triumph 

Satan's host doth tiee ; 
On, then. Christian soldiers, 

On to victory. 
Hell's foundations quiver 

At the shout of praise; 
Brothers, lift your voices, 

Loud your anthems raise. 
Onward, etc. 

Like a mighty army 
Moves the Church of God: 


Brothers, we are treading 
Where the saints have trod; 

We are not divided, 
All one body we, 

One in hope and doctrine, 

One in charity. Onward, etc. 

Crowns and thrones may perish, 

Kingdoms rise and wane. 
But the Church of Jesus 

Constant will remain; 
Gates of hell can never 

'Gainst that Church prevail; 
We have Christ's own promise. 

And that cannot fail. Onward, etc. 

Onward, then, ye people, 

Join our happy throng, 
Blend with ours your voices 

In the triumph-song; 
Glory, laud, and honour, 

Unto Christ the King; 
This through countless ages 

Men and angels sing. 
Onward, etc. Amex. 

%o. 52. 

Hymn No. 

Samour, £>fe$seb Sauiour. 



Saviour, blessed Saviour, 

Listen whilst we sing; 
Hearts and voices raising 

Praises to our King; 
All we have we offer, 

AW we hope to be, 
Body, soul, and spirit, 

All we yield to Thee. 
Nearer, ever nearer, 

Christ, we draw to Thee, 
Deep in adoration 

Bending low the knee: 
Thou for our redemption 

Cam'st on earth to die; 
Thou, that we might follow. 

Hast gone up on high. 
Great and ever greater 

Are Thy mercies here, 
True and everlasting 

Are the glories there, 
Where no pain, or sorrow, 

Toil, or care is known, 
Where the angel-legions 

Circle round Thy throne. 
Clearer still and clearer, 

Dawns the light from heaven, 
In our sadness bringing' 

News of sins forgiven; 


Life has lost its shadows, 

Pure the light within; 
Thou hast shed Thy radiance 

On a world of sin. 
Brighter still and brighter, 

Glows the western sun, 
Shedding all its gladness 

O'er our work that's done; 
Time will soon be over, 

Toil and sorrow past, 
May we, blessed Saviour, 

Find a rest at last. 
Onward, ever onward, 

Journeying o'er the road 
Worn by saints before us, 

Journeying on to God; 
Leaving all behind us, 

May we hasten on, 
Backward never looking 

Till the prize is won. 
Bliss, all bliss excelling, 

When the ransomed soul. 
Earthly toils forgetting, 

Finds its promised goal; 
Where in joys unheard of 

Saints with angels sing, 
Never weary raising 

Praises to their King. Amen*. 

%o. 53. ominous Sauiour, (jenffe Sljepljero. 

Hymn No. 555 

Gracious Saviour, Gentle Shepherd, 

Little ones are dear to Thee; 
Gathered with Thine arms, and carried 

In Thy bosom may we be; 
Sweetly, fondly, safely tended, 

From all want and danger free. 

2 Tender Shepherd, never leave us 

From Thy fold to go astray; 
By Thy look of love directed 

May we walk the narrow way; 
Then direct us, and protect us, 

Lest we fall an easy prey. 

3 Cleanse our hearts from sinful folly 

In the stream Thy love supplied, 

Mingled stream of love and water, 

Flowing from Thy wounded side; 

And to heavenly pastures lead us, 
Where Thine own still waters glide. 

Let Thy holy Word instruct us; 

Guide us daily by its light; 
Let Thy love and grace constrain us 

To approve whate'er is right; 
Take Thine easy yoke, and wear it, 

Strengthened with Thy heavenly 

Taught to lisp the holy praises 

Which on earth Thy children sing, 

Both with lips and hearts unfeigned 
May we our thank-offerings bring; 

Then with all the saints in glory 
Join to praise our Lord and King. 


Tio. 54 

Joeaoenfp >atl)er, 5en5 %()t) ^Bfesshtfl. 

Hymn No. 556. 

7, 8, 7. 




;- * 


J ^ 






«L_* — 

1 Heavenly Father, send Thy blessing 

On Thy children gathered here, 
May they all, Thy name confessing, 

Be to Thee forever dear; 
May they be like Joseph, loving, 

Dutiful, and chaste, and pure; 
And their faith, like David, proving, 

Steadfast unto death endure. 

2 Holy Saviour, Who in meekness 

Didst vouchsafe a child to be, 
Guide their steps ami help their weakness, 

Bless and make them like to Thee. 
Bear Thy lambs when they are weary 

In Thine arms and at Thy breast; 
Through life's desert, dry and dreary, 

Bring them to Thy heavenly rest, j 

3 Spread Thy golden pinions o'er them, 

Holy Spirit from above; 
Guide them, lead them, go before them, 

Give them peace, and joy, and love: 
Temples of Thy glorious Godhead, 

May they with Thy presence shine, 
And immortal bliss inherit, 

And for evermore be Thine. Amen. 



%o. 55. Sfw £ife ^Sas g»ben for ^Ke. 

Hymn No. 604. 

rrr ' 

Six Os. 


I I 

N fr ft 

* ^ T#> , J , JJJ 

MU'l'l J 

*^rL J 25, ill I T ili ^ 

i I / ^ p I raw. 

. ■ i . " 

' ' ^ 1 I 

^ ^ ' ' i ' i 1,1,1 

J -r-^>-rr i — — i — i 'p. 11 s^-" 

1 Thy life was given for me ! 

Thy blood, Lord, was shed 
That I might ransomed be, 

And quickened from the dead. 
Thy life was given for me: 
What have I given for Thee? 

2 Long years were spent for me 

Iu weariness and woe, 
That through eternity 
Thy glory I might know. 

Long years were spent for me: 
Have I spent one for Thee? 

Thy Father's home of light, 

Thy rainbow-circled throne, 
Were left for earthly night, 
For wanderiugs sad and lone. 
Yea, all was left for me: 
Have I left aught for Thee? 

And Thou hast brought to me, 
Down from Thy home above, 
Salvation full and free, 
Thy pardon and Thy love. 

Great gifts Thou broughtest me 
What have I brought to Thee ? 

Oh, let my life be given, 

My years for Thee be spent! 
World-fetters all be riven, 
And joy with suffering blent! 
Thou gavest Thyself for me: 
I give myself to Thee. Amen. 


£to. 56. ^uspirer an5 fearer of draper. 

Hymn No. 643 



J , I 1 | -r , 

i i. i i 




J 4- 


» ^ 





I I 




^E 1 



I I i 



1 ^.— ; dr 

A - MEN. 

I I ! I I I 

«--<&»--^- -<^- -<s»- <^ -^>- ■«■' -*3*-» 

1 Inspirer and Hearer of prayer, 

Thou Shepherd and Guardian of Thine, 
My ail to Thy covenant care, 
I, sleeping or waking, resign. 

2 If Thou art my shield and my sun, 

The night is no darkness to me; 
And, fast as my minutes roll on, 
They bring me but nearer to Thee. 

3 A sovereign protector I have, 

Unseen, yet forever at hand; 
Unchangeably faithful to save, 
Almighty to rule and command. 

4 His smiles and His comforts abound, 

His grace, as the dew, shall descend; 
And walls of salvation surround 

The soul He delights to defend. Amkn. 


%o. 57. ^fjrouflG fl)e ~Dat) % Jope §a$ ^pareb 'gts. 

Hymn No. 646. 






s — ^^<s — <s> — 



I I 





i T i 

i i 

-<s> — s»- 


^ # fg^ g? 







-j -^-^-^~ 


EJE 1 fj| J J J... ||= | 


i i 

i i 



"9—\ 1 P 

-S? — <S>- 

Tr-rrT i nrr-n^ 

J I I 










I I 





I I 

I I 

P -^ 






n j in 

A - MEN. 




1 Through the day Thy love has spared 2 Pilgrims here on earth, and strangers, 

Dwelling in the midst of foes; 
Us and ours preserve from dangers, 
In Thine arms may we repose; 
And, when life's short day is past, 
Rest with Thee in heaven at last. 



Hear us ere the hour of rest, 
Through the silent watches guard us, 
Let no foe our peace molest; 
Jesu, Thou our Guardian be; 
Sweet it is to trust in Thee. 

2to. 58. 

Hymn No. 649 

£orc\ 3-or cSDer at £f*w §i6e. 




-r— r-r— f, i 

S 2 — s-i— »-Ce 
^ I II 



— *: 

ps- S5- 



irW i- i J -E q= 

1 — TT I 'I 

r— r 




A -MEN. 

1 Lord, for ever at Thy side 

Let ray place and portion be: 
Strip me of the robe of pride, 
Clothe me with humility. 

2 Meekly may my soul receive 

All Thy Spirit hath reveal'd; 
Thou hast spoken — I believe, 
Though the oracle be seal'd. 

3 Humble as a little child, 

Weaned from the mother's breast, 
By no subtleties beguiled, 
On Thy faithful word I rest. 

4 Israeli now and evermore 

In the Lord Jehovah trust; 
Him, in all His ways, adore, 

Wise, and wonderful, and just. Amen. 


mo. 59. 

As ^ants tlje ^Searieo <foarf 

Hymn No. 661. 




•*— *- 










V -A 

>— !*— F 

1 — r 



V ^ -* -^ 



t—» __d 





r — r 









A - MEN 

1 As pants the wearied hart for cooling springs, 

That sinks exhausted in the summer's chase, 
So pants my soul for Thee, great King of kings, 
So thirsts to reach Thy sacred dwelling-place. 

2 Lord, Thy sure mercies, ever in my sight, 

My heart shall gladden tli rough the tedious day; 
And 'midst the dark and gloomy shades of night, 
To Thee, my God, I'll # tuno the grateful lay. 

3 Why faint, my soul? why doubt Jehovah's aid? 

Thy God the God of mercy still shall prove; 
Within His courts tJiy thanks shall yet be paid: 
Unquestion'd be His faithfulness and love. 


Tio. 60. §ty) 6o5, 'gap Jafljer, $>Ijtie 3 Straw. 

Hymn No. 667, 


8, 8, 8, 4. 

■ I III ^ en ^°* 

rr 1 



1 My GJod, my Father, while I stray 
Far from my home in life's rough way, 
O teach me from my heart to say, 

"Thy will be done." 

2 Though dark my path, and sad my lot, 
Let me be still and murmur not, 

Or breathe the prayer divinely taught, 
"Thy will be done." 

3 What though in lonely grief I sigh 
For friends beloved do longer nigh, 
Submissive still would I reply, 

"Thy will be done." 

4 If Thou shouldst ^all me to resign 
What most I prize — it ne'er was mine; 

^l0. 61. (SECOND 

I only yield Thee what is Thine — 
"Thy will be done." 

5 Let but my fainting heart be blest 
With Thy good Spirit for its guest, 
My God, to Thee I leave the rest; 

"Thy will be done." 

6 Renew my will from day to day. 
Blend it with Thine, and take away 
All that now makes it hard to say, 

"Thy will be done." 

7 Then, when on earth I breathe no more 
The prayer oft mixed with tears before, 
I'll sing upon a happier shore, 

"Thy will be done." 


-i — , 








r I 


— &—. 




i i i i 




^ C^—f^ 



-S> r 

1 i iii r-f sp- 



s> — 

', >, 




1 1 — t— 1 — r — F- 






•Ho. 62. § £>eaxb tlje ^oice of Resits $ar). 

Hymn No. 673. 













i f" 


C. M. D. 


i — r 



: F=F 


I \— L f—^-i0- J -^ =3z ^ 


I heard the voice of Jesus say 

Corae unto Me and rest; 
Lay down, thou weary one, lay down 

Thy head upon My breast. 
I came to Jesus as I was, 

Weary and worn and sad; 
I found in Him a resting-place, 

And He has made me glad. 
I heard the voice of Jesus say 

Behold I freely give 
The living water; thirsty one, 

Stoop down and drink, and live. 


I came to Jesus, and I drank 

Of that life-giving stream ; 
My thirst was quenched, my soul revived, 

And now I live in Him. 
I heard the voice of Jesus say 

I am this dark world's light; 
Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise, 

And all Thy day be bright. 
I looked to Jesus, and I found 

In Him my star, my sun; 
And in that light of life I'll walk, 

Till travelling days are done. 


-Jm\ 63. 

'Hymn No. 674. 

^ccce, perfect tytact 

FOB Mali: Voh SB. 



-&• — =>- 


-^ 75- -CT 






J„J J 4 

10. 10. 










{*■ . 







1 Peace, perfect peace, in this dark world of sin? 
The blood of Jesus whispers peace within. 

2 Peace, perfect peace, by thronging duties pressed? 

To do the will of Jesus, this is rest. 

3 Peace, perfect peace, with sorrows surging round? 
On Jesus' bosom naught but calm is found. 

4 Peace, perfect peace, with loved ones far away? 
In Jesus' keeping we are safe, and they. 

5 Peace, perfect peace, our future all unknown? 
Jesus we know, and He is on the throne. 

6 Peace, perfect peace, death shadowing us and OUTS? 
Jesus has vanquished death and all its powers. 

7 It is enough: earth's struggles soon shall cease, 
And Jesus call us to heaven's perfect peace. Amen. 


mo. 64. 

^cacc, perfect ^cace, 

Hymn No. 674. 

Second Setting for Men's Voice 
Verses J. S, 5. 
Tenors > s \e lowei 

wft i J ■ ■- 

C-J^ P^-4 J-!—, r— t-T-l fr-j— J 



W «f 


J-cH f*-! br-J— i 

r=|— i — r — k i it 


-*_• p. 


J. J J J ,.J .J 

p p p p w& -&- 

Verse 7. 






1 I 
* , J J- 



*> i ?i r i r r r 5 1 ^_j^^ » 

?•«//. /?7>. 

../ J !,_!.. J, J J, _> J J,_ 

fe^^P^s^^ f t-ifeaip^:jp(i 


Tio. 65. 

£(jcrc p5 i £>l'essei> iSome 

Hymn No. 679. 


e», d. 


J *^ 
^= ^XtL-lj-LP-|— f 

1 There is a blessed home 

Beyond this land of woe, 
Where trials never come, 

Nor tears of sorrow flow; 
Where faith is lost in Bight, 

And patient hope is crown'd, 
And everlasting" light 

Its glory throws around. 

2 There is a land of peace, 

Good angels know it well; 
Glad songs that never cease 

Within its portals swell; 
Around its glorious throne 

Ten thousand saints adore 
Christ, with the Father One, 

And Spirit, evermore. 

joy all joys beyond, 

To see the Lamb Who died, 
And count each sacred wound 

In hands and feet and side; 
To give to Him the praise 

Of every triumph won. 
And sing through endless dayfl 

The great things He hath done. 

Look np, ye saints of God, 

Nor fear to tread below 
The path your Saviour trod 

Of daily toil and woe; 
Wail but a little while 

In uncomplaining love, 
His own most gracious smile 

Shall welcome you above. Amen. 


^Io. 66. giome £ee tf;e ^face ^$l)ere $e$n$ c£ap. 

8, 8, 6, 8, 8, 6. 

With spirit 

• J J | I j BS j 


i 1 


■ | p| I 


^ p r-pT^II IKgl , | | gn B 


i i 

1 Come see the place where Jesus lay, 
And hear angelic watchers say, 

" lie lives, Who once was slain: 
Why seek the living 'midst the dead? 
Remember how the Saviour said 

That He would rise a^ain." 

joyful sound! glorious hour, 
When by His own Almighty power 

He rose, and left the grave! 
Now let our songs His triumph tell, 
Who burst the bands of death and hell, 

And ever lives to save. 


The First-begotten of the dead, 
For us He rose, our glorious Head, 

Immortal life to bring; [die, 

What though the saints like Him shall 
They share their Leader's victory. 

And triumph with their King. 

Xo more they tremble at the grave, 
For Jesus will their spirits save, 

And raise their slumbering dust: 
O risen Lord, in Thee we live, 
To Thee our ransomed souls we give, 

To Thee our bodies trust. Amen. 


(ficob of ffje &osts in &fom 

7, 7, 4, 6, 0, 8, 4. 

£ E - 

j > v i 


£=bgle - s 



Head of the Hosts in glory! 
We joyfully adore Thee, 

Thy Church below, 
Blending with those on high — 
Where through the azure sky 
Thy saints in ecstasy 

For ever glow. 

Angels! archangels] glorious 
Guards of the Church victorious! 
Worship the Lamb! 

Crown Him with crowns of light, 
One of the Three by right — 
Love, Majesty and Might, 
The great 1 AM. 

Martyrs! whose mystic leu-ions 
March o'er von heavenly regions 
In triumph round: 

ive high your banners, wave! 
Your God, our Saviour, clave 
For death itself a grave, 

In hell profound! 
Saints! in fair circles, casting 
Rich trophies everlasting 

At Jesus' feet, 
Amidst our rude alarms, 
\\ 3tretch forth suppliant arms, 
That we, too, Bafe from harm-, 

In heaven may meet ! 
Saviour! in glory beaming, 
With radiance brightly streaming, 

Enthroned in power, 
Grant, by Thy awful Name, 
That we through flood and flame 
The Gospel may proclaim, 

Till life's last hour. Amen. 


%o. 68. (£ome, ix>n) 6l)ost, miff; 6o5 fl)e Sou. 

1 Come, Holy Ghost, with God the Son, 
And God the Father, ever One; 

Shed forth Thy grace within our breast, 
And dwell with us, a ready guest. 

2 By every power, by heart and tongue, 
By act and deed. Thy praise be sung; 
Inflame with perfect love each sense, 
That others' souls may kindle thence. 

3 Father, that we ask be done, 
Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 
Shall live and reign eternally. 

1 God of truth. Lord of might, 
Who, ordering time and change aright, 
Sendest the early morning ray. 
Kindling the glow of perfect day, 

■2 Extinguish Thou each sinful fire, 

And banish every ill desire: 

And, keeping all the body whole, 
Shed forth Thy peace upon the soul. 

Father, that we ask be done, 
Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and Thee, 
Shall live and reiu'ii eternally. 

God! creation's secret force, 
Thyself unmoved, all motion's source. 
Who, from the morn till evening's ray, 
Through all its changes guid'st the day. 

Grant us, when this short life is past, 
The glorious evening that shall last; 
That, by a holy death attained, 
Eternal glory may be gained. 

Father, that we ask be done, 
Through Jesus Christ, Thine only Son; 
Who, with the Holy Ghost and' Thee. 
Shall live and reigu eternally. 


Jio. 6i). Oerusafcin! j&igl) lower $ft ^forions ^Mffs. 

, d-r^— 


i 1 ! — 

— J— - 

* * 


• I 

SB . 



10, 6, 10, 0, 7, ('.. 7. 8. 

rru ' 




1 — r— r 


\* i ~ ~ * \ r P L* ^ 


fcfe * 








1 Jerusalem ! high tower thy glorious walls; 

Would God I were with thee! 
Desire of thee my longing heart enthralls, 

Desire at home to be: 
Wide from the world outleaping, 

O'er hill and vale and plain, 
My soul's strong wing is sweeping, 

Thy portals to attain. 

2 O gladsome day and yet more gladsome 


When shall that hour have come, 
When my rejoicing soul its own free power 

May use in going home? 
Itself to Jesus giving, 

In trust to His own hand, 
To dwell among the living. 

In that blest Fatherland. 

A moment's time, the twinkling of an eve, 

Shall be enough to soar. 
In buoyant exultation, through tin- >ky. 

And reach the heavenly shore. 
Elijah's chariot bringing 

The homeward traveller there, 
Glad troops of angels winging 

It onward through the air. 
Great fastness thou of honour! Thee I 

Throw wide thy gracious gate, [feet; 
An entrance free to give these longing 

At last released, though late. 
From wretchedness and sinning. 

And life's long weary way; 
And now, of {\<A'< gift, winning 

Eternity's bright day. 


5 What throng is this, what noble troop, that pours, 

Arrayed in beauteous guise, 
Out through the glorious city's open doors, 

To greet my wondering eyes? 
The hosts of Christ's elected, 

The jewels that He bears 
In His own crown, selected 

To wipe away my tears. 

6 Of prophets great, and patriarchs high, a band 

That once has borne the cross, 
With all the company that won that land, 

By countiug gain for loss, 
Now float in freedom's lightness, 

From tryants' chains set free; 
And shine like suns in brightness, 

Arrayed to welcome me. 

1 One more at last arrived they welcome there, 

To beauteous Paradise, 
Where sense can scarce its full fruition bear, 

Or tongue for praise suffice; 
Glad alleluias ringing, 

With rapturous rebound, 
And rich hosannas singing 

Eternity's long round. 

8 Unnumber'd choirs before the Lamb's high throne 

There shout the jubilee, 
With loud resouuding peal and sweetest tone, 

In blissful ecstasy; 
A hundred thousand voices 

Take up the wondrous song, 
Eternity rejoices 

God's praises to prolong. Amen. 



•2io. 70. 

£l)e ol'o gear's fomj gampaip is §>'er. 

C. M. D. 


9 = 100. I fc 




A -MEN. 

I E2 . 


1 mf The old year's Long campaign is o'er: 

Behold a new begun; 

dim Not yet is closed the holy war, 
p Not yet the triumph won. 
Out of his still and deep repose 
We hear the old year say: 
cres"Qo forth again to meet your foes, 
/ Ye children of the day. 

2 /"Go forth! firm faith in every heart, 

Bright hope on every helm. 

Through this shall pierce no fiery dart, 
And this no fear o'erwhehn. 

Go in the spirit and the might 
Of Him who led the way; 

Close with the legions of the night, 
Ye children of the day." 


3 mfSo forth we go to meet the strife, 
We will not fear nor fly, 
Love we the holy warrior's life, 
p His death we hope to die. 
mf We slumber not, that charge in view. 
'• Toil on while toil ye may. 
cres Then night shall be no night to you, 
/ Ye children of the day." 

j ///;'L<>rd God, our Glory, Three in One, 

Thine own sustain, defend; 
dim And give, though dim this earthly sun, 
cres Thy true light to the end; 

Till morning tread the darkness down, 

/ And night be Swept away. 

And never ending triumph crown 

The children o^ the day. Amf.m. 

Tio. 71. 

Cramer of ilje JLi0. 

r i A J j jrA Ujj i A A ' 

-** I I f I i r iii 

1 Framer of the Light, 
Who from out the night 

The dawn of jovous day a^ain dost brine:, 

On our darkened eyes 

Bid Thy bright beams rise 
Of endless glory, teach us Lord, to sing, 

2 By Thy mercy still 
Spared our place to fill, 

Father be it ours Thy name to bless; 

Sheltered by Thy power, 

In each fleeting hour, 
Thy children guide to paths of righteousness. 

3 Raised from death-like sleep, 
Ever may we keep 

Alive within us thoughts of that great Day! 

Grant the ready mind, 

Give us grace to find 
The strait gate unto life, the narrow way. 

4 Onward to the goal 
Keep each striving soul, 

Upheld by grace divine Thy grace supplies; 

While it still is day, 

May we win our way 
Towards the mark, and our high calling's prize. 



Tio. 72. 


gSapc, ??auc t(?e Banner. 

— » m- . p ' p — p — L *— -p-s 

/ ! > I i ^ 

^ - 

I I 




• iii ■ « i 

HP -^>- p.p. r m e? 


: : 



J. M | | J J | ^ £ 

l ^r i i ^i i ^ ' i m i I I- I I L ^^ 

1 Wave, wave the banner, 

Raise the Cross on high, 
Sing; of Jesn's glory, 

Of Christ who deigned to die! 
On, on, ye wanderers, 

Homeward wend your way, 
Dark may be the evening, 

But brighter far the day! 
Wave, wave, etc. 

2 Wave, wave the banner, 

- • ■! a cross is nidi, 
Jesu on it hangeth, 

Lifted up on high. 
R jt, rest, ye pilgrims, 


Rest beneath the Tree, 
Hark! He gently ealleth, 
Sinners, come to me. 
Wave, wave, etc. 

3 Shout, shout, ye victors, 
Ye whose fight is done, 
Ye whosOtoil is over, 

Whose crown of life is wop.. 
On, on, ye wanderers, 

Homeward wend your way, 
Dark may be the evening, 
But brighter far the day. 

Wave, wave, etc. Amkn*. 

£To. 73. $e gopfuf in g>oi>. 

11, 8, 11, 8. 


i ' iii 1 

1 i | i ' i I ' I ^ i ' i i | 

,' I I I I I k, , . I I J^> ' A -MEN. 

1 Be joyful in God, all ye lands of the earth, 

Serve Him with gladness and fear; 
Exult in His presence with music and mirth, 
With love and devotion draw near. 

2 For Jehovah is God, and Jehovah alone, 

Creator and ruler o'er all; 
And we are His people, His sceptre we own; 
His sheep, and we follow His call. 

3 enter His gates with thanksgiving and song, 

Your vows in His temple proclaim, 
His praise with melodious accordance prolong, 
And bless His adorable name. 

4 For good is the Lord, inexpressibly good, 

And we are the work of His hand, 
His mercy and truth from eternity stood; 
And shall to eternity stand. 


Tio. 7-t. <5 iopc, ?$\)o Stormetef Me fo 2i>:ar. 

8, 8, 8j v . 8) R. 


O ^ C7 

r i i 




1 i I 



e* d 









■sMJ. J - 

1 Love, Who formedst me to wear 
The image of Thy Godhead here; 

Who sooghtest me with tenderest care 
Through all my wanderings wild and 

O Love, I give myself to Thee, [drear; 

Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

3 Love, "Who lovest me for aye, 
Who for my soul dost ever plead; 
Love, Who didst that ransom pay 
Whose power snffieeth in my stead 
Love, I give myself to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

2 Love, Who once in time wast slain. 4 Love, Who once shalt bid me rise 

Pierced thro' and thro' with bitter woe, 
Love, Who wrestling thus didst gain 

That we eternal joy might know; 
O Love, I give myself to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. 

From out this dying life of our-: 
O Love, Who once o'er yonder skies 

Shalt set me in the fadeless bowers: 
Love, I give myself to Thee, 
Thine ever, only Thine to be. Amen. 


^lo = 75. §n flje ^feasant fining ^Teaboros. 

J — i 

S, 7, 8, .7. 


*-r r 







V V- -* 






1 In the pleasant sunny meadows 

Where the buttercups are seen, 
And the daisies' little shadows 
Lie along the level green, 

2 Flocks of quiet sheep are feeding, 

Little lambs are playing near; 
For the watchful Shepherd, leading, 
Keeps them safe from harm and fear. 

3 Christians are like sheep, abiding 

In the Church's pasture free: 

Jesus is our Shepherd, guiding, 

And the little lambs are we. 

4 sweet Shepherd, gently lead us, 

Lest we fall or go astray; 
With the bread of heaven feed us, 
That we faint not by the way. 

5 Pasture green and clover blossom 

Are the types of heavenly love: 
Jesus, bear us in Thy bosom, 
Safely to Thy fold above. 



m<>. 7(5 

American ^lissiomirp ,i5>pmn. 

Words by Tune, PORTH. 

Rev. F. w. Bartlett, D.D. 


-<s> — <s>- 

J J 

s? e 





i i 
i i 

r r rr r 

rff7 i ;i "EJffii 

* r ^^^p-?-^ 

i i i i i i Pf 
i i j i i i 


5 ^F 


1 O God Supreme, Who dost the world sustain, 
Who madest all, and nought hast made in vain, 
Who boldest all the nations in Thy hand, 

In Thee we trust, and pray Thee, bless our land. 

2 From eastern dawn has beamed the Gospel light, 
To cheer, illumine, and endue with might; 

Still more and more its gracious realm extend, 
While glad hosannas to Thy throne ascend. 

3 Sun of Righteousness, Thy healing give, 
That all the earth may look to Thee and live; 
That all the peoples, gathered here, may know 
The health and peace that from Thy presence flow. 

4 Xot many tongues acquire one language here, 
To tell Thy glory, and promote Thy fear; 
Thy Spirit's voice be in the message heard, 
And every heart receive the living Word. 

5 Grant us the fruitage of the heavenly birth, 
Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth; 
O'er mighty river, and from sea to sea, 

Let all be one in loyalty to Thee. Amen. 




5 Abide with me 12 

26 A few more years shall roll 203 

45 All hail the power 450 

•27 And now, Father 228 

14 Angels from the realms of glory 60 

33 Art thou weary 342 

59 As pants the wearied hart 661 

19 At the cross her station keeping 103 

18 Behold the Lamb of God 96 

73 Be joyful in God 

25 Bread of the world 225 

50 Brightly gleams our banner 515 

21 Christ the Lord is risen again 114 

23 Christ, whose glorv tills the skies 312 

68 Come. Holy Ghost, with God the Son . . . 

1 Come, my soul, thou must be waking ... 3 

66 Come see the place 

43 For thee, O dear, dear country 407 

71 Framer of the light . . . ." 

7 God that madest 19 

53 Gracious Saviour, gentle Shepherd .... 555 

15 Gracious Spirit, Holy Ghost 76 

11 Hark! a thrilling voice 41 

40 Hark! hark, my soul 398 

41 Hark! hark, my soul, (2nd tune) 

12 Hark! the herald angels say 51 

24 Hark! the sound of holv voices 179 

67 Head of the hosts in glory 398 

54 Heavenlv Father, send Thv blessing . . . . 556 
38 Holy Father, Great Creator 386 

62 I heard the voice 673 

47 In loud exalted strains 482 

31 In the hour of trial 340 

75 In the pleasant sunny 

56 Inspirer and Hearer of prayer 643 

13 It came upon the midnight'clear 59 

69 Jerusalem, high tower thv glorious walls . . 

20 Jesus Christ is risen to-day 112 

22 Jesus lives, thy terrors DOW 122 

32 Jesus, my Saviour, look on me 341 


44 Lead, kindly light 423 

58 Lord, for ever at Thy side 649 

16 Lord, in this Thv mercy's dav 88 

48 Lord of our life'. .."..' 496 

36 S I v faith looks up to Thee 345 

60 My God, my Father, while I strav 607 

61 My God, my Father, while 1 stray (2nd tune) . 667 

34 Nearer, my God, to Thee 344 

2 O Brightness of the Immortal Father's face . 6 

8 O day of rest and gladness 24 

68 O Go"d, creation's secret force 

68 O God of truth, O Lord of might 

76 O God supreme, Who dost the world sustain . 

36 O Jesu, Thou art standing 357 

74 O Love, Who formedst me to wear 

42 O paradise, O paradise 394 

39 Oh ! What if we are Christ's 390 

10 Once more, O Lord, Thy sign 38 

51 Onward, Christian soldiers 516 

63 Peace, perfect peace, (for men's voices) . . . 674 

64 Peace, perfect peace, (2nd tune) 674 

30 Rock of Ages 336 

9 Saviour, again to Thy dear name 32 

52 Saviour, blessed Saviour 519 

17 Saviour, when in dust to Thee 89 

46 Sing alleluia forth 462 

3 The day is gently sinking to a close .... 7 
70 The old year's long campaign 

6 The shadows of the evening hours 15 

49 The Son of God goes forth to war 507 

4 The sun is sinking fast 10 

65 There is a blessed home 679 

29 Thou whose almighty word 327 

55 Thy life was given for me 604 

37 To Him who for our sins 366 

57 Through the day Thy love 646 

72 Wave, wave ihe banner 

23 We give immortal praise 141 









J. S. B. H 




The Versicles and Responses. 

( Si nf< na a and Exhortation, said by the MinisU r.) 





When the wicked man, etc. 

Dearly beloved Brethren, etc. 

Minister and People. 


"- ' 

Almighty and most merciful, Father, etc. 

A - MEN. 









Almighty God, the Father, etc., 

A - MKX. 





Minister and People. 

'; = 

A - MEN. 


Our Father, etc. 







Lord, o-pen Thou our lips. And our mouth shall show forth 

Thy praise. 



^= mm£m m& 




I |_Ur=|=d= 

i— g{ I g a . m — ei— t 



Glory be, etc. As it was . 
1 1^ j i 

shall be; world without end. A-.mex. 



g=g=cg±z* = g 








j — r 


Praise ye 



the Lord. 

1— -o- 

The Lord's name be prais - ed. 








Minister and People. 







I believe in God, etc., A-men. The Lord be 

with you, And with thy spir - it. 
Minister. _ _ ^9. # 

& IM : 









I I 


: f3ES 


Let us pray 


Lord, show Thy 

mercy up - on us, And grant us Thy sal- va - tion. 



I l I Pil l 

, At Evening Prayer only. 
S Minister. People. 

n 3 _ — — 





Lord save the State. And mercifully hear us, 

when we call up - on Thee. 













Endue Thy Minis- 
ters with righteousness, And make Thy 

chosen peo - pie joy - ful. 










Minister. People. 


■S> — & &-'-+£—* — m — <s»- 

Lord save Thy peo - pie. And bless Thine in - her- i - tance. 

£2 £2 £2_ 





Give peace in our time, 

People. sJojo. 






For it is Thou, Lord, only, that makest us dwell in safe - ty. 

ss : 

-£2 £2 £2. 


-IS> fS- 







O God, make clean our 
People. P 

hearts with- in us. 







And take not Thy Holy 




Spir - it from us. 

■& — &■ & s»- 






,= g- 

( The Collects, etc.) 

— «= 


_ 22> _ 








First Tone. 




1 1 1— 



t- 1— i 


-^— g> — <&- 



— i — i — - 

J — i — 3- 



I 1 1 1 1 — 



^— 75- 


wrp j i j ^y^xfl 

^ — ^ 

Second Tone. 


-<^— ^2 






- g) — g^ 





I J 



Third Tom:. 

^=g^z =g 

— z>- 








:^— t"^ 

I J, J I 




J I 

-<*— ^ & 



1 — I — I — I- 



Fourth Toxe. 





^ — *— *- t=m=tz=st d _ 



|iMt=j g=^— ^— j= |^=B 

Fifth Tone. 





A-U|C =K=i 

i s ^nn 




- 16 



-; — r 



^ — o- 


Sixth Toxe. 

^f"^ H~-«gH 

1 1 J 


= -i 



^l-H ^H-P ^ — g fg |g- 





j<*»g=e =*= B t £==$ 

Seventh Toxe. 

g ^^^^zzb^ 



g— **— g - tmt*— ^— ^= 

-g > — ^- 



^— ^ 


-«— ^- 




ftwrH— ^- 

-(S* — ^ 









Eighth Toxe. 

^ — ^=^— fzj^t 

^ — ^ 

-02 — & 1-+^ 

I I— 


=j il (2 £2. 





■-g> — <g- 


^ — <&>— 








I ! 1 

■ & — s> & 






^— ?gH 



t-W©H- sj ^ 3 <5>-\-+GvX-~~. 1 ~X 






-g> <g- 






-<g— gi- 



1 J J f r» 



** ^ i i N i -^R-^liMr l J J- j-j g ^pfl 






fc ^Hhwr-H « * J J rg B^TlyTl 

d— ^- 



-&■ — <s> ^ 

BJEJ^^ =H 


° (92) 



The Rt. Rev. Courtland Whitehead, D.D., Bishop of Pittsburgh. 

The Rt. Rev. Edwin Gardner Weed, D.D., Bishop of Florida. 

The Rev. H. W. Hutton, Prebendary and Provost-Vicar, Lincoln Cathedral, England. 

The Rev. H. T. Perfect, M. A., Vicar of St. John's, Pensford, and St. Mary's, Stanton Drew, 

Somerset, England. 
The Rev. R. R. Chope, M.A. Oxon., Vicar of St. Augustine's, Queensgate, London, England. ( 2 copies. ) 
The Rev. Alfred Poole, M.A.Oxon., Rector of All Saints, Laindon Hills, Essex, Eng. 
The Rev. D. W. C. Loop, Baltimore, Md. 
The Rev. Francis T. Russell, Waterbury, Conn. 
The Rev. Edmund Rowland, Waterbury, Conn. 
The Rev. H. N. Cunningham. Waltham, Conn. 

The Rev. Chas. R. Hale, D.D., Dean of the Cathedral, Davenport, Iowa. ( 2 copies. ) 
Tbe Rev. John S. Lindsay, D.D., St. Paul's church, Boston. (2 copies.) 
The Rev. J. W. Shakelford, D.D., New York. 
The Rev. E. L. BUCKET, Newport, R. I. 
The Rev. H. W. Nelson, Jr., D.D., Geneva, N. Y. 
The Rev. C. H. Lockwood, Helena, Arkansas. 
The Rev. A. V. Clarkson, New York. (2 copies.) 
Tlie Rev. J. A. Mitclell, Centreville, Md. ( 4 copies. ) 
The Rev. Edward Cope, Philadelphia, Pa. 
The Rev. G. H. Walsh, Philadelphia, Pa. 
The Rev. W. Heulliken, Stanton. Va. ( 3 copies. ) 
Frank May, Esq., Chief Cashier, Bank of England, London. 
J. Kendrick Pyne, Esq., Organist of the Cathedral. Manchester, Eng. 
Gerard Conn, Esq., M. A. Trinity College, Cambridge, Eng. 
t Miss Rebecca Cohen, London, Eng. ( 2 copies. ) 
Miss Faustina Hasse Hodges, London, Eng. (8 copies. ) 
Mr^s Mary E. Coxe, of New York., London, Eng. 
Miss Isabella V. Coxe, of New York, London, Eng. 
James Robertson Daniell, Esq., Bristol, Eng. 
Charles H. Robertson. Esq., Bristol, Eng. 
John L. Peters, Esq., Bristol, Eng. 

William Mkrritt Webb, Esq., Clifton, Eng. ( 2 copies. ) 
Edward Saville Webb, Esq., Bristol, Eng. 
J. Edward Skatox, Esq., Bristol, Eng. 
Elias Phillips Hodges, Esq., London, Eng. 
Mrs. Lloyd W. Scott. Pittsburg, Pa. 
Mr. ASAPH Hodoes, Waterbury. Conn. 
Miss M. Faustina Hodges, Waterbury, Conn. 

t Departed. 


Mr. Jno. W. Smith, Waterbury, Conn. 

Mu. AJtTHUB C. NOBTHBOP, Waterbury, Conn. 

Mb. Jamba s. Elton, Waterbury, Conn. 

MBS. .Ii --i MiNi'i;. Waterbury, Conn. 

Mu. Thbodobk i. Dbiggs, Waterbury, Conn. 

Mr. Alrert.L BLAKBSLY, Waterbury. Conn. 
Miss LUCBBTIA Miller. Waterbury, Conu. 
Mr. E. II. Blrrall. Waterbury, Conn. 
Mi:s. E. M. Bi rrall, Waterbury, Conn. 
Mi:. Chas. F. MITCHELL, Waterbury, Conn 
Mu. ROSWBLL H.l!i( k, Waterbury. Conn. 
Mb. Alexander II. Gibson, Waterbury, Conn. 
Mn. ROGEB T. WOTKYNS, Waterbury, Conn. 
Mb. B. Havers Heminway. Watertown, Conn. 
MisbGbace E. Tomlinson, Watertown, Conn. 
MISS M \ria S. Brainerd, Ashville, N. c. 
Mb. Chandler N. Way land, New York. 
Mas. Chandleb N. Wayland, New York. 
Mr. R. W. Chase, Baltimore, Md. 
Mb. G. Weight Nichols. Baltimore, Md. 
Mr. D. II. SANDEBS, Baltimore, M<1. 
Mrs. John S. GlTTiNGS, Baltimore, Md. (5 copies. ) 
Miss Anna Glenn, Baltimore, Md. (5 copies. ) 
Mr. OttoSutbo, Baltimore. Md. 
Mas. a. Howard Ritteb, Philadelpbia, Penn. 
Mi;. Hknrv M. In<;ersoll. Annandale Farm, Pen Llyn, Pa. 
Mr. Jno. B. Williams. Baltimore, Md. 
Mr. C C. Howard. New York. 
Mr. P. C. Edwards, New York. 
Mr. Jno. Outcalt, New York. ( 2 copies. ) 
Mr. J. B. Gazzam, St. Louis. Mo. 
Mi:, (r. C. Bubgwin, Pittsburgh, Penn. 
Mr. A. H. Booth, Worcester. Mass. 
Mr. J. C. Knox, Concord, N. H. 
Mr. H. C. Lyon, Ban Francisco, Cal. 
Mr. Edward WiTHEBSPOON, Haverford Co., Penn. 
Mr. G. SEYMOUB Hodges, Pittsburg, Penn. ( 3 copies. ) 
The Kev. Jno. V. Norman, Monongahela City, Pan* 
t The Hon. (i. W. Dobbin, "The Lawn," St. Dennis, Md. 
The Rev. W. Scott SOUTHGATE, D. 1)., Annapolis, Md 
TheMissKS PEBINE, Baltimore, Md. (3 copies.) 
Mrs. J. K. Brackett, l^altimore, Md. 
Mu. Chas. Handfield Wvatt, Baltimore, Md. (3copies) 
Mb. James Fugle, Baltimore, Md. (2 copies. ) 
Mil W. G. BOWOOIN, Baltimore, Md. 
Mrs. W. R. Devbies, Baltimore. Md. (2 copies.) 
Mi:s. V. K. Howard, Baltimore, Md. 
C. Morton Stewart, Esq., Baltimore, Md. ( 20 copies. ) 
Mrs. J. WHEBLWBIGHT, Baltimore, Md. (2 copies. ) 
Mrs. Amrrosk SANSON, Baltimore, Md. 
Mr. BlanchABD RANDALL, Baltimore, Md. ( 2 copies. ; 
The Kev. P. H. Hn kmann, Riverside, 111. (6 copies. ) 
t Departed.